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Liminal presents Gertrude Stein                       2012
  One Dancing

Air Objects
  part one - sound installation, Milepost 5 Gallery  (36M)
  part two - live, KBOO 90.7 FM   (36M)

Mr. Darcy Dreamboat                                   2011
  Confessions of a Reader (demo)

The Parametric Orchestra
  notes                        2005
  The Resurrectory, Liminal, live @ Portland Art Center
    live 6.15.5, full set
    live 6.11.5, 30min cycle (46M)   
    live 6.11.5, short excerpt    
  SALT, live @ Portland Art Center
    excerpt1  excerpt2  excerpt    live 9.25.5, full set (97M)

  Faith Helma, live @ NW New Works Fest, Seattle     2008
  Enchanted Girl     Powercat Redux
  full set, live 5.11.08 (31M)   notes

SKY, Mary Oslund + Co Dance   notes                      2007
  Robot Comes Alive + Velocity     Invisible Radio + Ghospel
  Potential Is Moving(demo)        Robot Comes Alive(demo)
  full set, live 5.19.07 (73.5M)    

  installation @ Portland Art Center, stereo version: 
  full (19M)   excerpt      notes

The Theory Of Love - coming soon! It's still trapped inside the 
     video masters!  "Been waitin' so long!"

Far Away, Liminal   FINALE, live 2.18.06     notes         2006
Win Win
, Mary Oslund + Co Dance   live 4.16.06      notes

minimal at liminal. live @ Liminal Space 2.21.03  notes    2003
  Terry Riley In C (80M)     
  Steve Reich Pendulum Music (4am hardcore)     
  John Cage   4'33"  Prelude for Meditation  Music for M. Duchamp
  You know what, by You know whom (48M)     
Faust(faust) live @ Liminal, excerpts:  Earth   Earthy   Airy   notes

3 Plays 5 Lives, Liminal, sound design excerpt    notes

7 Deadly Sins (Brecht/Weill), Liminal @ Panorama          2002
  Prolog Sloth Pride Anger Gluttony Lust Avarice Envy Epilog
  live 8.29.02, full (72M)     

Not Not Not Not Not Enough Oxygen, Imago Theatre        2005
  O GOD(instr)    UNTITLED dance    I Hate My Life(demo)

Chopin Varieties, Richard Foreman Mini-Festival           2004
   #1  #2  #3  #4  #5    download all    notes

Objects for the Emancipated Consumer, Liminal          2001
sound design excerpts  Amanda 2   Trent 1 2   Jennifer 1      

The Evening With The Photograph                       1999
  Farfisa Peace     Farfisa text demo     notes

Jowl Movements i-ix
  a theme   b theme   c theme
  bouncy a   slow a   subtle c    notes

The Chromatic Persuaders    
Live @ Paris Theater 1999
  Suicide in Bb, live @ PAN Theater                         1997
    Theme from Suicide in Bb       
    preshow improv 8.22.97 (39M) 
    ending and postshow improv 8.23.97       
    spaced out lateshow improv 8.29.97 (31M) 
    rhumba numba 8.23.97       notes  


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