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John Berendzen is a composer, music director, theatre producer and director, sound designer, electronics tech, installation artist, and nonprofit consultant based in Portland, OR. 

He's been working in theater, dance, and intermedia arts for twenty years. He is the resident music director for Liminal, and has collaborated with Imago Theatre, Hand2Mouth Theatre, PushLeg, Mary Oslund dance, Performance Works Northwest, and himself.  He was a 2013 Caldera artist-in-residence, and has won some awards and grants.

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John has studied music with La Monte Young, Terry Riley and Michael Stirling; electronic music with Timothy Kramer; and samba percussion with The Lions of Batucada and Samba New York!. In 2008-9, He served as audio engineer for Young, as well as at the Knitting Factory NYC (RIP).

                         and that the Other might know that
John gets excited about performance that inspires a continual immersion in present experience. His current focus is human performance interacting with technology as a means of approaching the sublime.  

His methods involve strict limitation of source material and process, and temporally holographic/self-recursive structures, in order to achieve a total saturation of perceptual and emotional experience, testify to the primacy of the present experience, and catch brief glimpses of the face of God.


I wrote something that got published.  

I translated some things from Portuguese.

And am working on a sci-fi corporate directory.


"John's general dissatisfaction at his inability to produce superpowers through sheer force of will has led him to explore the faustian (not fortean) worlds of transhumanism, biofeedback, Chinese internal alchemy, and the human potential movement. Celebrity kickboxing, Ken Wilber vs. Deepak Chopra. His ultimate goal is to receive and transmit radio broadcasts via his nervous system, and yours, and then to proceed to critique them flippantly as 'just another goddam waste of time'".

     -- Thomas Hussein Jefferson

that the Other 

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