notes and credits

Liminal Presents Gertrude Stein: Capital Capitals (composed Virgil Thomson),
Stephen Alexander (piano), singers: Andre Flynn, Thomas Prislac, Leo Daedalus, and Ammon Morris
Liminal Presents Gertrude Stein: One Dancing (composed JSB),
singers: Margie Boulé, Helen Funston, Carla Grant, Kirsten Kyllingstad, Danielle Larson, Jenny Newbry Waters

:  Faith Helma - vocals, melody composer; John Berendzen - track composer, sound designer;  includes samples from The Crystals, Cat Power, NIN, Einsteutzende Neubaten, Jim Jones and the People's Temple Choir, Bob Dylan;  others

Eclipse:  David Abel - voice, text concept and arrangement; John Berendzen - tuning, 10-channel spatializing;  Roland Barthes, source text  

Mary Oslund + Co Dance:  SKY:  Ammon Morris - tenor; Tim DuRoche - drums; JSB - Korg POLY-800 synth, baritone;  lyrics from textbook, Correlative Neuroanatomy;  melody on Potential by Ammon Morris/jsb;  all drum parts by Tim DuRoche

Win Win
:  lyric by Roy Lichtenstien;  Ms. Leo Chapeau, contralto; JSB, weak baritone
Far Away:  lyric by Caryl Churchill;  Madeleine Sanford, lead vocal; Jen Olsen - drone vocal

The Parametric Orchestra
The Resurrectory, Liminal, live @ Portland Art Center
David Abel-voice; Frank Marroquin-cello; Travis McAlister, Layne Lebahn-electronic sax; Berendzen-composition, keyboard, sound design;  Lyrics arranged by Alex Reagan, jsb, and Bryan Markovitz

SALT:  co-composed/performed by Frank Marroquin-cello, Jonathan Sielaff-bass klar, Travis McAllister-euphonium; David Abel, JSB-voice, Korg POLY-800

UNTITLED dance:  Gregg Bielmeier - voice, choreographer;  Nick Hope - trumpet;  jsb - violin;
O GOD, I HATE MY LIFE:  covers of songs by Drench;  Those guys singing and playing on I Hate My Life were these random Australian kids that Jerry M. dragged over to my basement to make that demo.  I didn't do much except line up the tracks.  Weird.

marimba sextet - for Rev. Chozen Bays

  Richard Foreman Minifest, @ Performance Works NorthWest
Chopin Varieties (Bryan Markovitz & Amanda Boekelheide-voices; text Richard Foreman)

minimal at liminal  
  In C (Terry Riley)     mallets-Topher Towe, Matthew Nydek, Derek Trost; voice-Michael Stirling;   winds-Michael Walsh, Jonathan Sielaff, David Noel Moscovich, John Hagelbarger, John Gross;   guitar-Moses Gunesch;  accordion-Gabriel Liston;  Juno synth, direction-John Berendzen
  John Cage    piano - Amanda Boekelheide;   shortwave radio on 4'33" - Bryan Markovitz
  you know what by you know whom     Frank Marroquin, piano

Faust(faust) @ Liminal
Frank Marroquin, John Berendzen - piano, harmonium, vibraphone, organ;  Ammon Morris, Bryan Markovitz - tenors;  Linda Miles - alto;  'Earthy' and 'Airy' tracks group-improvised;  text by Alex Reagan

sound design for 3 Plays 5 Lives @ Liminal
integrated with set design by Trent Moore/Bryan Markovitz;  voices - Madeleine Sanford, Jeff Marchant, Patrick Wohlmut, Amanda Boekelheide;  text by Alex Reagan

7 Deadly Sins
Lyndee Mah, soprano;  Ammon Morris, Trent Moore, Branko Glad, Michael Cook - male chorus;  Stephen Alexander, piano & musical co-director;  winners, Portland Critics' Circle Award 2002

sound design for Objects for the Emancipated Consumer, Liminal
Alex Reagan, text;  Matt Kenneth, dj;  voices by Amanda Boekelheide, Jeff Marchant, Trent Moore, Jennifer Olson, John Berendzen;  winner, best Original Work - Portland Critics' Circle Award 2001

The Evening with The Photograph    Liminal
Andria Alefhi, flute; jsb, organ; text from TS Eliot's Four Quartets

Jowl Movements i-ix @ Liminal: Michael Walsh, contrabass;  Moses Gunesch, violin;  John Berendzen, piano

The Chromatic Persuaders: 
Andria Alefhi - sax, flute; Kim Bayer - drums; John Berendzen - Korg POLY-800; Cyndy Chan - bass and clarinet