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He has won some awards and grants...





The Parametric Orchestra, live @ Portland Art Center, 2005 (pictured Frank Marroquin, JSB)     photo Lee Howard(?)

as DJ d'Tritus

                     as Faust   2003   photo B Markovitz

field trip,
David Byrne's building, 8.8.08  
here's what we sounded like:  
Georgia G
Moses G




John as Krapp
Krapp's Last Tape (2003)  dir Amanda Boekelheide  photo Moses Gunesch








john and christoph, performing "Shutthefuckup", written by 
John Berendzen for Liminal's Fluxconcert 2003








more pics of the old Liminal crew, ca 1999:


and.......I bet you never saw this: 

John as Pablo II in "Hit Me In The Stomach"
dir Carol Triffle, Imago Theatre, 2006.  
Below, with Ian Karmel and Danielle Vermette Photos Dick Wright.



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His compositional methods involve strict 



or this

The Fall of Man/Monsanto, 2007, photography by Anna Daedalus
   pictured with Ms. Leo Chapeau and Noah Mickens  Bark!










limitation of material and process, and temporally holographic (self-recursive) structures, in o

a totality of perceptual and emotional experience 

Below, The kirana gharana, West Coast
raga class 2007, Michael Stirling (and David Abel there too).

he is a student 
of Indian Classical music with La Monte Young, Michael Stirling, and Terry Riley.

mer in San Antonio, TX.  Since then, he has been studying with minimalist composer La Monte Young; ing in the theater, dance, and arts communities for over 16 ltimedia installation artist based between Portland , OR , and NYC. He's been wo