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John Berendzen : the left hand



The Parasympathetic Orchestra

Live @ Milepost 5, Portland, 6.5.09:
     Full set, hi-fi/lo-fi
Ted Laderas - cello;  John Berendzen - JI synth, loops

Live @ The Bell House, Brooklyn, 4.25.09:

     Part 1 hi-fi/lo-fi     Part 2 hi-fi/lo-fi
James Ross-guitar, laptop; John B - synth/loops, cassettes

d'Tritus deejays!
Ike's Rap III (JSB/Tricky/Portishead/Hayes) (5.7Mb)
                                 smirk 2001 (77 Mb)
                         Bellhouse Lounge ez-IDM NYC  2009 (51 Mb)
                         Midnight BBQ  2011 (137 Mb)
                            afterparty 2002 (85 Mb)   
                            danceparty 2005 (96 Mb)

d'Tritus and His Holographic Orchestra!!
release:  nope records, 2005-2008

  download whole album (32 Mb)

  01-prelude, das rheingold (dick wagner)
  03-rehearsal test tones
  04-Llisbon dub
  08-deplorations sur la morte d'ockeghem (josquin des pres)
  09-metashepard (jsb/roger shepard)
  Bonus Tracks!   10-Dick Sutphen's Self-Hypnosis Course
        O GOD(instr)     I Hate My Life  (Drench covers)

d'Tritus Sings!!!
release:  not on your life records, 2003-08

  download whole album (75.6 Mb)

  01-Amour01 (Amanda Deutch/Berendzen)
  03-MegaBlake (Blake/Berendzen)
  04-The Theory of Love/Richard Foreman's Heartache (demo)
  04b-THIS (NYC)
  05-Salt Lake City (Piuma)
  06-I Can't Help/Whiter Shade of Crimson(Presley/Reid/James) 
  07-I Totally Texted You
  09-Glory d'Amour01 (Deutch/Berendzen)
  10-THIS (Lisbon)

Frank and I improvised in San Antonio   1 2 3

I wrote a marimba sextet for some zen monks to play for the children of Klatskanie Elementary School, OR.  I don't know if they ever did.


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